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Bad Couch Habits To Break; Liking Falling Asleep In The Middle Of A Really Great Show (?)


sleeping on the couchinformation on correct sleep posture

The question mark in the heading of your latest online informational article; you will have noticed it if, miraculously at this time, you were still wide awake. And you have wondered why. Indeed, how is it possible to fall asleep during a truly riveting show on your preferred network channel.

And still, you can relate. You know just how easy it is to fall asleep on the couch. Hectic and cramped lifestyles lead to high levels of stress and feeling really bushed after hours of not being able to get to bed at an earlier and reasonable hour.

So ultimately after yet another hard day at the office or on the factory floor, you end up sleeping on the couch. But if you managed to sleep on your comfortable (?) couch for the whole night, you wonder why the next morning you feel so groggy and sore. Hence the question mark that followed the accolade given to your old couch. It only looks comfy and, over the years, you may have grown attached to it.

Your physical and mental well-being is at risk if you prolong this unhealthy couch habit of yours. Qualified information on correct sleep posture also leads to answers on how you can address your mental well-being and subsequently begin the process of reducing your high levels of stress and anxiety. There is no two ways about it. You cannot possibly achieve the correct curve that your lower back requires when you sleep night in and night out on the couch.

And even after acquiring an ergonomically sound mattress there is much that still needs to be learned before turning in. Like learning that the crouched fetal position is not sound.

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