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Squat Benefits for Long-Term Health

Exercise gurus all rave about the power of the squat and to be fair, they are right. Add a squat regimen to your day and you will see benefits developing everywhere.

The problem is that they must be done right, and that is not as easy as you might think.

The internet has pages of videos and descriptions of how to do a squat properly. So many that you find yourself asking how difficult can it possibly be?

Keeping your heels on the ground

If you’re not sure how difficult it can be, try one. If you haven’t done one for a long time or you don’t have squats as part of your workout, the chances are you had difficulty keeping one or both heels on the floor. Even if you know the trick of keeping the eyes on a single spot.

exercise board

Don’t feel discouraged though. That’s really the point of the squat – it’s so powerful it is worth doing well.

You can get help

Like everything else in the exercise world, there is a help out there. The exercise board has been designed to help you produce the perfect squat, and perhaps because you have made the investment you will keep at it.

The idea is that when you know where the center of gravity is you already have balance on your side. Then as you begin to squat you get feedback when the weight moves towards your toes, encouraging you to keep it on your heels.

Is it worth it?

The simple answer is yes! Squats are not only great for your body now, they are great for your body as it ages. Balance, mobility and core strength are all improved by the simple squat and these will always keep you on the move.

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