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How To Transform Your Bedroom Into An Old-West Style Parlor

Many enjoy the fantasy ideal of the American old west. It was a time of rugged cowboys and outlaws, beautiful ladies and no law. If you’d like to incorporate your ideal of the wild west into your bedroom, it is very easy to turn it into an old west style parlor. Keep reading to find out how.

Begin with The Furniture

Choosing your furniture first will help set the mood for the rest of the room. Rustic furniture is the best choice, and there are many places to find great pieces online if none are available near you. To help boost your budget, host a yard sale to get rid of your old bedroom items. You will want to choose a bed, two nightstands, and dresser. A vanity is optional but remember to keep it simple.

Carpeting No More

For an authentic feel, bedrooms that have carpeting installed should be removed. Removing carpeting is a fairly uncomplicated process or can be included in the price of laying down new wood flooring. Once you have your authentic-looking wood flooring down, choose one or two medium-sized, simple rugs.

Rustic furniture


The linens for an old-west styled room should be simple. Quilts or woven blankets are good choices for your comforter. Sheets, pillow cases, and curtains should be plain white, pale blue, or another soft color. Embroidery is a good option to spice these choices up, however. You can embroider the pieces yourself or purchase them already completed.


Now is the fun part – picking out accent pieces to complete the room. Framed pictures of cowboys or cattle drives can really set the mood, while antlers, bolos, sombreros, and cowhides are all great choices. Other ideas for things you could choose include western knickknacks, lamps, bear skin rug, or potted plants (specifically cactus).

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